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The World Wide Web Awards is a group of 10 web masters that have been designing web sites for at least two years and have been designing Family Friendly sites. The awards that you submit to US are all judged by these ten web masters.


Why do we do this:

The main reason is that we know there are many many folks that are getting into web design. It may be for a simple personal page about themselves or a site to promote there business online. Whatever the reason we feel that a little glory is due.


What purpose does it serve?

Although we take the judging process very serious, Our main purpose is to try and make people feel great about what they are doing with there web sites. It is always nice to receive an award for something that you work so hard to get just the way you want it.

So if you you are surfing and find a site that you feel deserves an award why not submit there site for an award ? They are guaranteed at least one. (No adult sites please)


Have a Great Day!

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