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Solid Gold Site of the Year:

Welcome: Site of the Year Award is of course issued once a year. We have 10 Web Master's that vote on the sites that are submitted to US buy the various Users of different sites. All sites are welcome to submit. This is the toughest award to win. It represents the Best of the Best that has been submitted to Us. This award is chosen from the monthly winners. 



Solid Gold Site of the Month:

This one is issued on a monthly basis. We have five Web Masters that vote on the monthly awards. All sites submitted  will be carefully viewed. No adult content is allowed. No profane sites will be accepted. This is a family site and we want anyone to be able to view it's contents.



Solid Gold Award of Excellence:


This award is given freely to any and all sites that are well

designed with good content. If you are surfing the net and find 

a site that you really enjoyed, You can submit the site for this award. It will be given with the exceptions of adult sites or any that have bad language or adult content. Please give this one freely. The site of the month as well as the site of the year will all be chosen by the sites that you submit to us.



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