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A simple website search program


Program Summary
System Requirements
Files Required

Program Summary

SillySearch lets you allow a visitor to search through pages in a single directory on your website for pages containing words that the user enters into a form. They can choose to search only for files containing all the words they enter, or to search for files containing any one of the words. Results are returned ranked by how many of the terms were found in the page. If the page has html <TITLE> tags, the results will show a link with that title linking to the page. If the page does not have <TITLE> tags, it will just show the name of the page. You can try the demo here. It searches through files on the Linguistic Funland's TESL site, the Linguistic Funland TESL Job Postings, and my "personal" pages.

New in v2.0: You can now have the program search multiple directories.

System Requirements:

The machine where your script will be run should be a Unix server with Perl 5.000 or higher. (If you have an NT server, you should be able to run but with some different modifications. I have not tested this on NT yet, so if you do, please let me know.) This is currently running on my site under Perl 4, but I won't attest as to how well that will work on your site. You should really have Perl 5 anyway. :) It shouldn't matter whether the web server is Netscape or NCSA, and it shouldn't matter what browser the user has as long as it supports forms.

You must be able to execute cgi programs on your web server. If you're not sure whether you have permission to do this, or are not sure how to configure the files, please ask your system administrator. (Usually "" For example, if your email address is '' then you can often reach your system administrator at ''. AOL, CompuServe, and Prodigy users should look for "technical support" or "member services.")

Required Files

You should have received the following files with your distribution. Please be sure to read the README.sillysearch file!!! You may download the package in a gzipped tar file, or just download each of the files individually by clicking on them here.

The following files are required.

the actual program that processes the data from the form and does the searching
the HTML form where the users enter what to search for.
contains information on how to get started using the program. READ this before you start!
This file

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